The Tigers, Singapore Has To Contend With.

The Tigers, Singapore Has To Contend With.

There have been alot of tensions between Singapore and Malaysia, on issues pertaining from water to Pedro Branca or Pulau Batu Putih.Some Singaporean websites present things that if there was a war it will be a walkover for them, then there is this book by Tim Huxley, “Defending the Lion City”, which makes out the war scenario with pre-emptive strikes on Malaysian Forces. Where Malaysian Forces are defeated and Malaysians are subject to Singapore’s Military rule.

First of all Singapore and Malaysia, their fortunes are entwined, with blood ties across the causeway. There will be no winners in this war. Let me explain, Singapore considers itself the little Israel of South East Asia, thats why a lot of hawks down there advocate confrontation. There is no denying that its forces are well armed. The Israelis have always defeated the Arabs in all their wars, this confidence is ingrained in the Singapore minds. Let’s have a reality check here, the Arabs do not regularly have Combined Arms Exercises, meaning they do not exercise simultaneously with their Armies, Navies and Airforce. Why ? To conduct combined exercises there must be clearance from the highest levels, so as to place the state police apparatus on the ongoing exercises, so that the Generals can be monitored. None of their despotic Arab leaders wants a coup conducted against them when all these many generals get together. So in other words their forces are never really tested. Only when cleared at the highest levels are they ever held, as it is a hassle to get clearance, therefore their forces are rarely tested, they learn most oftheir lessons during the war with the Israelis, but then it is too late.

Normally the Military is used against it’s own citizens which they are very adept at. At lower levels, tank regiments do not exercise with infantry regiments, artillery and with others which is important to coordinate attacks and defence, these exercises not only strengthen coordination, weaknesses can be identified and rectified, logistics needs for hour to hour requirements on the battle field can be enhanced to improve deliverability, strengths noted to be improved upon, doctrines tested, if needed, changed to evolve into a magnificient fighting force. There is a dictum “the way you train is the way you are going to fight”.

Malaysian troops constantly have combined arms exercises throughout the year, they have elaborately planned out training cycles for the individual,units, brigades, divisions and the corps as a whole. The Singapore mind, to place the Malaysian forces in the same category as the Arabs is an under estimation. Malaysian soldiers, sailors and airman join the regular forces for the love of the profession, most of them. There are servicemen with an impressive lineage of soldiering. Most Malaysian servicemen have been blooded. They exercise in peace times with imaginery enemies, they have made mistakes, they go back to the drawing boards. They know their weaknesses,they improvise, adapt and overcome. They also conduct lots of cross training with foreign forces.

An elevated level of cooperation with the United States on the range of fronts.There have been more than 75 U.S. military ship visits in the past two and a half years. The United States conducts training exercises with the Royal Malaysian Air Force, flying with and against them in mock battles. U.S. Navy SEALs conduct training in Malaysia twice a year. The U.S. Army does field exercises with the Malaysian army. I might mention here that, for their expertise in jungle warfare, Malaysians are known in the business as “whispering death.” Finally, 1,500 Malaysian defense personnel have benefited from the U.S.

The confidence factor in the Singapore mind is their formidable airforce with their air to air refuelling capability, to bring them in from Australia, Taiwan and the US. One does not strike pre-emptively out of the blue. “. On this page you can find the aircraft order of battle of the Malaysian Air Force, locally known as Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia.
There should be an escalation of tensions. The majority of the Singapore servicemen are conscripts, the key elements of their forces are made up of their regulars. That means there is no continuation in training.

It is a major factor that will contribute in the performance of it’s frontline troops. I have seen the conscripts perform, which makes me confident that we can defeat them on the ground, as the bulk of Singapore’s forces comprise of conscripts. I do honestly hope they do not faint when they see blood and guts ! Malaysian troops are the only forces in the world to have defeated a communist insurgency. They happen to be the best jungle fighters in the world. Elite fores all over the world are trained by them. The jungle warfare school in Fort Benning, Georgia was set up by a Malaysian team.

Just to recapture, on the 3rd of October 1993 incident, in Mogadishu, Somalia a combined team of 4 Pakistani tanks and 24 Malaysian Infantry fighting vehicles rescued America’s elite fighting unit, the Rangers. You can see the fictious account in the movie, “Black Hawk Down”. For your information as they were moving into the combat zone, when hostile fire was being received the Pakistani tanks turned tail and fled, this has been hushed up in the name of diplomacy. The Malaysians persevered, rescuing the Rangers at the cost of one Malaysian killed, 9 wounded and losing 4 IFVs. Seventy, so called elite American forces did not litter the streets of Mogadishu with their bodies because of the sacrifices made by the Malaysians. Of course US magazines belittled the contribution of the Malaysian troops by calling them ‘gun shy’, as mentioned in Newsweek.

The Malaysians kept all MSRs openedwhen the Americans withdrew into a shell after that incident and to later withdraw from Somalia. An extract from the Washington Post. “They realized they’d have to do it in armor, so we linked them with 24 Malaysian armored personnel carriers, four Pakistani tanks and two armored personnel carriers and a company of armored Humvees,” Stockwell said. Stockwell said “it came together very quickly” and strongly disputed the report of a U.S. Army officer in Washington that “it took intense pressure from Americans to get the Malaysians and some Pakistani M-113s to deploy.” “I will grant you that in this international U.N. military we do not have the same command and control; the unity of command is a lot looser, so sometimes it takes some persuading,” Stockwell said. But he added: “The Malaysians performed magnificently.”

Summary of combat operations. or the US Ranger version.

Malaysians training the US Marines at jungle warfare.

In the decades in the fight against the Communists, there is no record of a Malaysian soldier taken alive. In Singapore’s case during the ‘Confrontation’ against the Indonesians, there is one sorry episode the Singaporeans would like to forget involving the 1st Singapore Infantry Regiment. The Malaysian military remembers it’s past, this is an incident which took place in the Congo in the sixties, when 13 Italian airmen, who took refuge at a Malaysian camp, were surrenderd to the rebels by a Malaysian Company Commander, of the 6th Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment(refer to book by Lt. Col Maurice Lam). The 13 airmen were literally hacked to pieces in front of them.One of the reasons why the Malaysians did not turn down the Americans.

Just to show a weakness in Singapore’s anti-armour weaponry, the MILAN needs to stabilize after launch for 400 meters, meaning it needs flat and a clear area before it is guided onto the target. There are not many open places in Malaysia to accomodate that. There are many other weaknesses that I will not mention here. The AWACs, Singapore has, are nearing shelf life, the Malaysians are going to acquire new ones. The Singapore subs are second hand and their tanks are antiquated AMX which have been upgraded so many times, using Frog (French) technology and the British Centurions. Their APCs are still with technology from the sixties. The Malaysian tanks which will be acquired are from the New Europe, Poland. Malaysians are in the process of getting new IFVs from Turkey. Very effective air defence systems are being purchased.

The ‘Apache’ helicopters AH64D have not been very effective against the enemy on the ground, proven in Karbala and Operation Anaconda. The’turkey shoot” during the Gulf war was a one sided affair on a retreating enemy during the first Gulf War, creating a myth on the invincibility of the Apache. Helicopters that attacked Iraqi Republican Guard units south of Baghdad on March 24 03.”In attacking a formation of about 40 Apache Longbows on Monday, the Iraqis staged a classic helicopter ambush first perfected by the North Vietnamese in the 1960s. As the lethal, tank-killing aircraft approached on a mission to destroy the Medina Division’s dispersed armor, troops dispersed throughout a palm-lined residential area and opened fire with antiaircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenades and a wall of fire from rifles and other small arms. … “The Iraqi fire was so intense that the Apaches had to break off their mission and return to base.” The results of that failed mission strongly suggest that the modern helicopter is a battlefield liability

Malaysia has MLRS regiments, where the dream target for an MLRS regiment is one such as Singapore, compact and dense.This is a quantum leap of firepower for Malaysia. Malaysia has currently 70 combat aircraft compared to Singapore’s 150 combat aircraft. That gap will be narrowed when the Malaysians take dlivery of 18 F-18 Super Hornets and 24 Sukhois. Malaysia will not have limited warfare conducted on Singapore but total destruction.

This is an extract from an article by Derek da Cunha of the Institute of South East Asian Studies, ” The Singapore Armed Forces could be described as a rapier, it is manoeuvrable, slick, and, in the hands of a skilled swordsman, can do all the fancy moves in attempting to deliver the lethal stab. On the other hand the Malaysian Armed Forces is like a broadsword; it’s not very manoeuvrable, not slick, and, even in the hands of a skilled swordsman is unlikely to do all the fancy moves. Indeed it is fairly lumbering and unwieldy. However, in the ultimate analysis, a single slash of the broadsword could well result in the rapier snapping in half”.

Malaysian terrain is very tough for the unexposed or the uninitiated. Allow me to paint a war scenario. Before that have a glimpse of some of Malaysia’s naval vessels. Here is part of the details. More on the surface vessels. .

Malaysia and Singapore water talks (50% of Singapore’s water needs is supplied by Malaysia) bog down and there is this ill feeling meanwhile there is this young gungho Commander of a Singapore warship the the RSS Battleaxe guarding the territorial waters off Pedro Branca, also on his mind is his impending divorce where he is going to lose his HDB flat to his wife all because he had a one night stand. This is nagging him constantly, meaning he is not in the correct frame of mind.

Along comes KD Hang Lekir, a corvette on orders by the Defence Minister to permanently station it in the waters off Pedro Branca, due to the failure of the water talks. Guns and radar are on ‘active stations’. The Singapore Commander gets a report that there is a signature on the radar of a fast moving large vessel, orders ‘action stations’. The commander of Hang Lekir, gets a report that guns are locked onto his vessel, he orders counter measures and simultaneously ranges on the Singapore vessel. RSS Battleaxe’s Commander misinterprets this as hostile action and elevates status to ‘battle stations’. Commander of RMN Hang Lekir is on the hotline to fleet operations, which in turn turns to MINDEF, Chief of Defence Forces, responds placing all forces on a high alert.

JERNAS area air defence system. JERNAS is the only land-based air defence system designed to defeat the most severe threats, including cruise missiles and smart munitions.The AMS Blindfire weapon control radar provides JERNAS with an all-weather day and night capability. Fast acquisition and extremely accurate tracking of the target and the missile in flight give the air defence system unique dual engagement capability. With pencil beamwidth, high power, adaptive wide-band frequency agility, very low side lobes and smart digital processing, the radar is immune to all forms of jamming.

What does this mean ? It means jets are scrambled to have an air defence capability, with jets on tarmacs waiting to take off. These events are monitored by Singapore’s E2C-Hawkeye aircraft, they alert Singapore’s MINDEF. Meanwhile the drama on the high seas is unfolding, commander of KD Hang Lekir is told not to engage unless fired upon, the RSS Battleaxe is a FAC(Fast Attack Craft) with 20mm Bofors opens fire on KD Hang Lekir, this corvette, one of the most modern is South East Asia can simultaneously engage targets under the sea, on the surface and air. The commander, to defend a strategic asset from being destroyed and who also who wants to become rear-admiral before the age of 38, orders launch of a ship to ship missile. The RSS Battleaxe is no more. The wife of the Commander of RSS Battleaxe will definitely get the HDB flat. All these is observed by the E2C and reported.

MINDEF gets radio stations to announce codes for mobilization. The Malaysian electronic counter counter measures unit gets to pick up this information and passes it along.Goh, gets on the hotline and calls Dr.M, accusing him of sinking a Singapore warship, Dr. M retorts that it was the Singapore ship that fired first. They continue arguing. Meanwhile, the strategic division is ordered to move to Johore, which it has rehearsed countless times times and played the game against a Southern enemy. Malaysian airdefence radars (Marconi- Martello Systems) and AWACs picks up fast moving aircraft intruding into Malaysian airspace.

All jets at Butterworth, Kuantan,Gong Kedak and Subang are scrambled, whilst the jets in East Malaysia are placed on alert, with Malaysian AWACs monitoring airspace in Taiwan and areas south of the Borneo island, for Singapore’s reserve jet fighters coming in to join the fight. Simultaneously looking for Singapore’s airtankers to be destroyed, before they refuel the RSAF jets coming in from Australia, Taiwan and the US. Many aircraft go down, Singapore’s and Malaysia’s, there is air parity. Malaysian fighters manage to penetrate into Singapore airspace and destroy 2 KC-130 tankers and 2 Stratotankers diminishing Singapore’s air to air refuelling capability.

Malaysian naval ships and submarines scatter to sink and destroy Singapore’s navy and merchant navy, concentrating near the straits of Tebrau, as there is air parity. The airborne brigade is ordered to conduct a linkup operation along the Mersing, Layang-Layang, JB line. The Army units in JB are ordered to defend JB, the Tebrau straits is flooded with napalm, benzine, and crude at likely footholds for the Singaporeans.

Singapore’s Guards regiments which are heliborne will have to reckon with the Malaysian airborne at all strategic routes which it has to secure for it’s armoured formations along three axis Kota Tinggi-Jemaluang-Mersing, Layang-Layang-Rengam-Keluang and JB-Air Hitam-Yong Peng with it’s antiquated AMX and Centurions. The defence of these axis has been done numerous times by Malaysian troops on exercises. Meanwhile special forces snipers armed with 12.7 mm Barret rifles will go into hides to take out Singaporean armour at a range of 1.5 km with armour piercing rounds. Infantry taking up positions in strong points with AGLs and anti-tank weapons.

PT-91 Twardy Main Battle Tank. The Singaporean antiquated AMX (so called upgraded)and Centurion tanks will have to contend with this.The PT-91 MBT is equpped with the Fire Control System consisting of Gunner Station. It basis on modernized TPDK-1 sight for day channel and optionally passive PCN-A sight or thermal imagine sight, which create night fighting capability. The fire solutions are calculated by the ballistic, digital computer which processes mixed set of information generated by set of sensors and input manually by the gunner.

Air defence batteries are deployed, with shoulder held anti-aircraft missiles (Starburst systems, Iglas and Jernas). The Malaysian armoured and mechanized formations will race to link up with the airborne. Singapore needs to cross the straits to get its troops across, heavy casualties are inflicted, Malaysians fall back to conduct a delaying and mobile defence, all these are covered by air and artillery.

Malaysians have trained year in year out to march in full combat gear over 40 kms in under 10 hours and construct fire trenches with overhead protection within 8 hours. Laying of obstacles comes next, it is actually a breeze considering the terrain one is familiar with. Independent and co-ordinated tank hunting parties will be sent out. The Singapore advance bogs down at Muar. The US cannot come running, as it is bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq. Guerilla war by Malaysian units are conducted at the rear echelons of the already very stretched Singapore supply lines, who also face a very hostile populace.

Malaysia signs deal worth $48 million with Russia’s Rosoboronexport to purchase its IGLA short-range air defense system.

Defending a Small Nation and all about Malaysia.

Its probably at this stage that the diplomats, and the UN will come into play……. This is the otherside of a war scenario, to be more detailed will make this long and probably boring. There is always another side to a coin.


  1. delima says

    Aku amat yakin Malaysia dan Singapura akan berperanfg TAPI aku amat YAKIN Singapura akan menggunakan cara penjajahan kawasan melalui pilihanraya..
    Pulau Pinag… dah jadi 2nd singapore.. Selangor in the making .. Kit Siang dah kuasai Nusa Jaya.. beberapa parelimen sudah jatuh ke tangan anak buah Lee Kuan Yew .. dengan bantuan Nuar berahim melalui PKR dan PAS .. kerja kerja mereka jadi semakin mudah .. sekarang yang akan berlaku adalah peperangan politik … kalau politik dsah dikuasai puak puak ini .. apa perlunya perang …. .. orang melayu boleh di gula gulakan dengan songkok di singapura .. orang melayu penang boleh digula gulakan dengan elaun imam.. orang orang melayu boleh digula gulakan dengan baju kurung diselangor .. apakah ini semua mustahil … so sekarang yang aku lihat peperangan minda lebih berperanan …

  2. Proud K says

    Owh. I feel so jealous with Singaporeans. Living in shoebox flat, working till they die, no freedom whatsoever, live like a zombie under full blown PAP dictatorship, no smoking, no gum chewing, no freedom of speech. Hell, you will retire here anyway, as most Singaporeans do.

  3. Anonymous says

    Welll… in the first place, if there was no clear sign that Malaysia was the one that fired the weapons first, Singapore is unlikely to invade… Since in the scenario, Singapore was the first to fire weapons, Singapore will probably not invade first…..

  4. Anonymous says

    There is no doubt that in an event of extended war with no foreign intervention, Singapore would most likely fall given Singapore’s small size. However, Malaysia is likely to suffer tremendous losses in its military as well as, to a certain extent
    economically. Therefore, a full invasion is unlikely to happen as losses will be heavy on both sides.

  5. Alex says

    You are right and if it did happen , no more shopping for high end goods and services . Where would they go too. The rest will have to buy cheap stuff in Thailand and Vietnam .

  6. Raja Kapooor says

    Saya rasa anda terlalu menyebelahi pihak Singapura … Walaupun kita kurang dari segi teknologi, tetapi pemikiran yang kental & semangat juang yang tinggi tidak dapat mematahkan teknologi yang musuh miliki … Pasai PBB, kerajaan Malaysia bodek lah sikit termasuk Amerika … Ia bukan benda baru lagi, ia telah terbukti sejak zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka lagi … Sehinggakan China menggelarkan Malaysia “negara kecil, tapi kepala besar” … Inya-Allah, kalau kita kalah pun, kena siksa pun, kita mati syahid … Kalah untung menang untung …

  7. Pejuang Akhir Zaman says

    WTF!!! 80% melayu fanatik/psiko politik smpai lupa daratan/diri/bangsa/agama……. ekonomi 90% dipegang ultra kiasu/paryar/brahmin ni…. 10% melayu yg berdikit-dikit bgn utk ekonomi…. kena sedar yg politik dan agama knlah seimbng dr dimainkan oleh pendtg ni…..

  8. john says

    malaysia nak menang jangan mimpi le……walau pun saya rakyat malaysia ,reality nya malaysia tak akan menang kerana PBB,AMERIKA akan masuk campur atas alasan kita yang memula kan peperangan….dan ia nya terbukti atas apa yang terjadi di israel/palestin……lagi satu unit2 ARTILERI malaysia outdated in term of performance…….dalam masa yang sama SINGAPURA pun sebenar nya tak berani……..peningkatan ketenteraan singapura atas dasar PERSEDIAAN jika berlaku peperangan ,mereka lebih bersedia dari segi teknonogi…….jangan harap le australia,usa,britan nak menyokong malaysia………KITA MENANG BELUM TENTU,TAPI KALU SINGAPURA NAK MATI …BOLEH LE CUBA…WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE…BUT THEY HAD LOTS TO THINK ABOUT ……..TETAPI YANG PASTI NYA ,KITA AKAN BERPERANG JUGA……..kerana singapura mempunyai tanah…sumber air yang terhad…masa nya akan tiba ,adakah kita sudah bersedia ????? sendiri fikir kan….jangan pandai KOMEN JE…..cerita semua orang boleh cerita……..

  9. Teck Lim says

    If SAF (Singapore) just play a same strategy as IDF (Israel) , SAF will lost in the war.
    2006 war (IDF and Hizbollah) and latest Nov 2012 (IDF and Al Qassam, HAMAS) proved the true story. IDF LOST both war.
    Nearly 50 years SAF cooperate weapon research with IDF is wrong move. Some world leaders especially muslim countries already question that “Weapon for IDF that kills Palestine developed by cooperation with Singapore”

  10. Commodore says

    Dear Blackhawk,
    Pls also check ur Pulau Temasek, that u guys hv been living on all this while, try to remember where u got them from…a thank you would be good.

  11. Genko says

    there will be no wars between singapore and malaysia because we are both commonwealth countries, what ever dispute shall and will be settle in court. Malaysia will not attack singapore but will defend it against other block countries. same goes with singapore.

  12. Babuji says

    Komen aku tidak terkeluar daripada tajuk singapore, Malaysia dan ketenteraan. Fakta-fakta yang diselitkan memang berlaku. Cuma akal seseorang yang membezakan kefahaman. jTak hairan ulasan kau bercampur emosi yg nyaring seperti gendang opera DAP jatuh dari tingkat 45 bangunan KOMTAR.

    Politik juga digunakan oleh banyak negara sekiranya cara tersebut lebih berkesan dari peluru. Melayu seperti kau harus banyak membaca!

  13. anak johor says

    hahahaha..mesti melayu yang tak mampu beli rumah tu ko lah ….kalau ko datang kat pasir gudang, 98% rumah banglo dan mewah milik orang melayu….walaupon ada 28% bangsa cina di pasir gudang..

    dah bodoh,malas pulak,lepas tu nak marahkan kerajaan bila tak mampu beli rumah….hihihi…pi dok bawah jembatan sana…..hihihi

  14. Jaybond says

    Huh? 2 hours defeat of the whole Malaysia? You must be shitting me. Singapore regiment got lost on their way out of Malaysia tropical forest in kota tinggi. How to neautralize the whole country? Dont poke and try to make fun of Malaysia army. We knew better about our own terrains, guerillas warfare our own speciality. So, take that 2 hours time by shovering up your arse!

  15. umnuk says

    kalau dap dipanggil DAPig, umno pulak apa? UMNOTAIK?

    Pasal politik, orang bukan ahli politik toksah nak gaduh sangat la..najib jumpa nuar pon takde nak maki hamun bagai, boleh dok minum semeja lagi..kita yg dok bawah ni sibuk nak menggelar orang..

    nak pilih sesiapa pon sbg pemimpin, itu hak semua rakyat yg layak mengundi..toksah la rosakkan otak dgn maki hamun..katakan lah anak ko dgn ko berbeza parti, takkan ko nak bermaki hamun anak beranak?

    politik2 juga, akhlak kena jaga..lantak la ko nak pilih parti mana..

    bosan tul, masuk sini nak baca bab askar, terkait juga bab politik..kesian umat melayu..kalu la bab ajaran agama taknak pula dibincang 24 jam sehari, tapi bab politik juga yg tak abis2 dibincang.

    konon nak pertahan ketuanan melayu, tapi ekonomi cina pegang, melayu la ni nak beli rumah pon tak mampu, time raya cina, semua kedai tutup, nak cari barang pon susah, ketuanan melayu pebenda?teruskan hidup berangan2..gila kuasa konon jadi pemerintah, tapi ekonomi kena tunduk pada kaum lain..sedar la melayu ooii.

  16. Babuji says

    Singapore dilihat sgt berminat dlm PRU13 dan berkerjasama dgn adik kembarnya DAPig. Semua bentuk bantuan telah disalurkan samada dlm jalinan PAPig-DApig atau antara kerajaan pembangkang dgn penguasa singapore. Banyak pegawai2 yg berwarganegara malaysia yg bekerja di singapore telah menyerap masuk kedalam perkhidmatan awam kerajaan negeri dan menjadi MP malaysia.

    segala senario perang yg rumit boleh dielakan jika Pro sigapore menguasai politik Malaysia. Apa ada pada eset military klu Tony Phua telah dilantik menjadi timbalan menteri pertahanan? (cthnya)…..

    hari ini tony phua berteriak dlm parlimen mengenai scorpene hari esok desas desus singapote mau beli lebih byk scorpene…What a Coincident

  17. pokcik says

    Leopard? It’s build to operate on road meh, not off road. as it is only a scenario, my friend from singapore, please dont get a butthurt here.

  18. pabloami says

    Hhhmmm untuk mendapat perhatian dari seorang warga amerika yang membuat senario peperangan antara malaysia dan singapura adalah amat mengelirukan dan menjadi kemusykilan tahap dewa. Lebih2 lagi apabila analisa tersebut menunjukkan amerika akan menyebelahi malaysia….merbahaya.. Apabila malaysia mendapat perhatian…

  19. mas x svc says

    Peperangan adalah pilihan terakhir andai tiada jalan perdamaian..sekiranya terjadi bukan mudah seperti apa dirancang oleh kawan seberang tambak untuk melaksanakan perancangannya…kita bukan ‘puntung kaya’ orang kan ni.. ada akal fikir ..belum dikira bantuan ‘ghaib’ insyallah …kalau kena caranya.. ada sesuatu di tempat kita..ramai yang tidak tahu..tunggu masanya..berdoalah semoga panjang umur agar dapat menyaksaksikanya …kita kan duduk tanah mystery…..

  20. bangsamerah says

    after that, they loss their entire ‘country'(island) by just A super bomb!
    bombing a country named singapore is on par to bomb KL, a city.
    losing a city among other cities along the malaya and borneo is not same to lose the whole country completely. let say if malaysia use some atomic bomb, yes, it could affect JB but that only small part of malaysia. even not the whole johore. singapore must realize and be understand that they r just a tiny country. remember that, singapore is an island. imagine langkawi, tioman, perhentian or penang.
    1st step to do is:
    bomb the country with super massive exploder beginning with the two causeway and bridge. just based from JB/Johor. (i thnk singapore vs JB is more applicable. rather than vs the whole Malaysia)
    and no 2nd step. because singapore is disappeared, war finished suddenly.
    mission complete!

  21. Jonathan Dupree says

    I’m from the United States of America. I will tell you this rather you like it or not.

    Singapore’s elite are trained by Israel. Malaysia elite are trained by U.S Navy Seals.

    If the United States Marine Corps, Navy Seals, and Green Barrett go up against the ISD Force, they would simply be smashed.

    Israel has not faced any real and tangible threat. Radicals and terrorist cells, (how boring can that be).

    This is the scenario.
    In the first few hours Malaysia Navy and Air force suffer looses to Singapore fighters and navy. Malaysian morale is initially crushed. Singapore is on the offensive.

    Singapore amasses it’s tanks in J.B which are quickly neutralized by the Malaysian Army.

    While this goes on deep cover Malaysian special military units are sent in to Singapore to create disruptions. (Some of them no doubt are taken out by Singapore’s own special forces, yet others are able to penetrate Singapore and carry out operations.)

    Malaysia through a massive counter strike. Starts to take out Singapore air force bases and military instillation’s.

    In a mutual exchange of hatred and revenge. Singapore Shell’ Bukom Island, and other sensitive areas are taken out by the Malaysian military.

    Singapore orders attacks on economic assets in Malaysia.

    Amid the panic Singapore orders strict curfew. Over night tourism, and business comes to a craw. Stock market starts to crash. Singaporean leadership (military command stays to fight what will be a guerrilla war) The leadership of the country flees to Australia, New Zeal and leaving the people of Singapore to fend for themselves.

    Nation wide conscripts (kids in their early 20s are called up). But this is not all Singapore has up it’s sleeve. Masses of amount of cash exchanges hands as ‘extras’ or Gurka soldiers are called in (from Nepal and other places) to help secure sensitive areas.

    Singapore continues to use hit and run bomb runs from naval post and air assets.
    Singapore army digs in to defensive positions. As all units in Johor Bahru have been over taken by Malaysian army.

    Diplomatically Singapore calls for help.
    Diplomatically Malaysia makes new deals with the United States and other nations (giving them some goodies for their navy and commercial vessels) in the straights as the stark reality sets in that Singapore will be annexed.

    Singapore looses the bidding war to gain diplomatic sympathy.

    Malaysian military crosses the straights. Intense fighting as Singapore army splits into smaller units. Massive causalities for Singapore volunteers and conscript soldiers.

    Malaysian army starts to take Singapore hdb block by hdb block.

    Singapore underground bases over run. Singapore military high command captured.
    Singapore naval and air command told to stand down.

    Malaysia annexes Singapore. Heavy looses to Malaysian navy and air force. As act of desperation Singapore has civilian centers in Kuala Lumpur (government, economic ect) hit by Singapore air force.

    End of scenario. like it or not that’s how it will play out. You can throw in some extras and some surprises on either side here or there.

  22. Alam92 says

    Yeaa it is right 55% of the 350,000 singaporean conscripts is more than our standing army. But have you ever think what if we Malaysians mobilises our very own conscripts. Our numbers would be 2 times bigger than the whole population of singapore….

  23. Alam92 says

    Bro, your leopard tank weights more than 60 tonnes. Malaysian jungle could only take a maximum loads of 48 tonnes. Before the game is started, your leopard tanks will be drowning in the malaysian mud and jungles. Game over for you broo….

  24. Raja KAPOOOR says

    Singapura mungkin MENANG dari segi aset, teknologi & kecanggihanya, tetapi TIDAK dari segi semangat, patriotisme & keazaman. Saya pernah membaca blog dari “KOMANDO KODAI KOPI”. Ia menceritakan betapa lemahnya S.A.S British (bekas penjajah kita) dalam peperangan hutan (mungkin di-bandar meraka lebih hebat) sehingga menuduh kita (GGK) tidak professional kerana kegagalan mereka meletupkan pemancar &mencederakan anggota, America Green Beret (Special Force America) yang dikatakan mantap tu padahal jika di-hutan kerja hanya baring & tak mahu bekerjasama untuk survival cari makanan, tetapi bila dihidangkan tudia makan macam tak makan 1 minggu dan suka melawan anggota GGK & S.A.S Australian, mereka tiada masalah cuma mereka tak mahu percaya dengan strategi kita kerana ia satu kemustahilan, tetapi apabila mission berjaya, mereka hanya mendiamkan diri (mungkin malu). Semua pasukan ini mempunyai kelengkapan TIP-TOP tetapi hakikatnya, tak percaya? baca di KOMANDO KODAI KOPI & tulis perkataan S.A.S.

  25. malon mean hensen says

    No intention on escalating the tension between Singaporean and Malaysian reader on this blog, just a counteract on dsahf12 opinion on what worth mentioning and whats not. Yes Singapore maybe need highly accurate MLRS like HIMARS and mass number of artillery to maximize their chance on hitting multiple strategic target on a large state like Malaysia, mostly jungle( scattered strategic location) to make any impact on their war effort. On the other hand Malaysia doesn’t need HIMARS accuracy and mass number of 155 mm to make an impact on a dense strategic location in a small island like Singapore. A couple of hit (God forbid) on your reservoir like Marina,Punggol and Serangoon you can imagine what will happen. Its called Asymmetric warfare, two belligerents differ in essence and in the struggle, interact and attempt to exploit each other’s characteristic weaknesses. That’s why Singapore have a Pre-Emptive strike policies. Malaysia maybe poorly-equipped, but resilient opponent. And please ,I’m not a war mongol. Nothing good come from wars. I just hate when people say “this matter, that doesn’t even matter””this worth, that not worth” like they’re the smartest one and others are stupid and doesn’t even worth mentioning. You have your fancy toys well play with it in your own backyard. We have our own cheap toys and play it in our own backyard, if you want you can come and joint but have some manner. Showing off doesn’t make you a respectable neighbor, but manners will.

  26. dsahf12 says

    Should be malaysia MAF can hold for about 12-20 hours before finally being over-run by SAF. ASTROS II is really not worth mentioning against singapore’s HIMARS which has longer range and far far greater accuracy. in terms of artillery, singapore has far more then malaysia and singapore can makes its own artillery gun. e.g. SSPH-1 PRIMUS 155mm 39cal SPH, FH-2000 155mm 52cal, Pegasus 155mm 39cal LWH and another new one known as the 155 mm Advanced Mobile Gun System is being developed. singapore is also one of the dozen nation that has local manufacturing of 155mm ICM shells (transfer of this technology is being banned globally), where each shells fired from any artillery will drop dozens of cluster bombs on top of the enemy. in a rough estimate, 200 155mm artillery gun firing a rapid 3 will yield 600 rounds of ICM shells in 15 seconds at the enemy. from each shell comes 64 cluster bomb, that gives about 38,400 bombs rainning down on singapore enemy in a mere 15 seconds.

  27. fazzrul says

    admin, juz nk thu, knp bla ada fighter spore yg scramble area2 hampir dgn ruang udara johor, then fighter TUDM akan scramble seminggu di ruang udara johor bahru dan pasir gudang. spanjang sy duduk kt johor, smalam first time fighter TUDM scramble waktu malam.. kebiasaannya hanya pada waktu pagi..

  28. wann11 says

    Military expert said if there were a war between Malaysia – Singapore, Singapore ONLY have about 12-20 hour (correct me if i’m wrong) to wipeout 75% of the MAF. If not so, the MAF will conduct a counter-attack (especially using the ASTROS II & Artillery) on SAF base, runways even the bridge and Tambak Johor. And then goes the scenario as above.

    But for the GOD SAKE, I’m really hopping there will not be a war between us. Because most of our relative,family, close friends and etc. were in each of the country. We (Malaysian&Singaporean) are just like ”aur dengan tebing”. Both of us need one another. InsyaAllah Aaamiinn…

  29. Malaysia Boleh! says

    Malaysia compare with Singapore. That is Buli Kecil… Malaysia Boleh!!! Malaysia fight Singapore. That is Buli Kecil… Malaysia Boleh!! How come Malaysia so big, only can compare with Singapore. How About Thailand, Indonesia, China and India ??? Malaysia Tak Boleh….. Even fighting with Thailand will be big trouble, not to talk about Indonesia, China and India. For Malaysia, If China attack, just 1 nuke will do the trick, then just send 1 regiment to take over.

  30. Jalak Lenteng says

    Heard that S’pore even hv cyber troopers, amazing!. Wonder it’ll do good in the dense humid M’sian jungle. How to get rid the leeches,mosquitos n red ants once they penetrate their suits? The far superior arms n weapon are not designed to counter these creatures. Ever heard the story of Nimrod (a.k.a. Namrud)? Such an arrogant powerful King with strong forces, he lost his life to a mosquito. How interesting! We really see this mosquito things seriously! Do you?

  31. hollyfield says

    2 hour or 24 hour is not important.
    even 240 hour or 2400 hour is just a number.
    but the general consensus appears that singapore armed forces are far superior and all bets (except malaysia, understandably) are on singapore in a war against malaysia.

  32. says

    Haha you guys.. This scenario was written like 5-6 years ago. His name is Pillai.. Unfortunately the writer have recently past away.

    But for a scenario written when much of those weapon are yet to be acquire by the malaysian .. The similarities are quite astonishing.

    Anyway stay calm, it is just a fiction.

    Please la stow that bullshit about defeating malaysia in 2 hours or even 24 hours… How many hours it take for the strongest military force on earth to defeat the taliban?

    24 hour my ass

  33. killer cocoon says

    berlapik nyer bahasa yang ko gune.
    aku ‘aminkan’ eje..

  34. aha says

    both countries will suffer alot. so war is better avoided. most of malaysians have relatives and friends in singapore,so do singaporeans. yes,singapore can come to malaysia,but can they stay long enough and return home not in bodybags? attrition is everything in a war. not to forget sarawak’s and sabah’s military regiment and malaysia’s industrial might. look at nazi germany and soviet union in world war 2? germans were technologically superior but in the end,soviet’s large supply of manpool and size of lands eventually led to germany’s losing the world war 2 although lacking almost everthing else. but again,please there will be no war between us. im moving to singapore soon for gods sake. peace always.

  35. Blackhawk says

    WWII was won by conscripts and volunteers. 55% of 350,000 is more than MAF standing force. PLus we dont need a war cos i have invested some piece of land there. Have no need for more land for now..and as for water we have too much and still share them with JB. Our other neighbours might not sit still they may just join in too.. since we donated lots of military hardware all around.
    Pls also check ur Aloutte III, that u guys use for training, try to remember where u got them from…a thank you would be good.

  36. Robert says

    2 HOURS?? hahahahaha…you can’t even mobilize in 2 hours. What british military expert is this? Even the Isrealis took 2 days to destroy Egypt’s air force…2 hours..please use your brain and think if it is plausible before posting a comment!

  37. ANTURAYA says

    taking down MAF in 24hrs, really? how old are you, watchin too many rambo movies arent ya… u people are talking shit as if war just like going for shopping at a mall.. i bet 45% of singaporean would leave the country even before the war started.. look at their conscript just like school children wearing army uniforms..they will wet their pants once the kids nxt to them drop dead…

  38. jack says

    whoever wrote the story knows nothing about singapore military.

    anyway, the idea of singapore taking down malaysia military in 2 hours seems abit too optimistic, 24 hours to wipeout RMAF and RMN is more reasonable.

    by then, UNSC and global diplomatic effort would be in effect.

    if not, malaysia army would be in the shit.

    by the way, singapore have over 100+ LEOPARD 2A4SG tanks, our AMX is retiring. and we got HIMARS too.

    as for the MAF MILAN anti tank missile and RAPIER SAM, singapore has used them and retired them in exchange for better weapons.

  39. LKY says

    Quote…”for their expertise in jungle warfare, Malaysians are known in the business as “whispering death.”
    Bring on the very best of Singapore super commandos (Isreal trained)….lets see who will be bring the body bags.

  40. Anonymous says

    It is no doubt Brit. want to see confrontation and war between both Singapore and Malaysia, so they can make a come back for colonization again, hahaha…

  41. Anonymous says

    "Studies by a british military expert have shown that with Singapore's military capability, they could take down the whole of malaysia in 2 hours. Like it or not. Obviously going to war is never on any Singaporean's mind because ultimately we have much much more to lose given the wealth and strength of Singapore, as compared to the very jealous neighbors up north."

    so much bullshit & crap from so called "expert"…cant wait to see if it really can be achieve that fast

  42. Jebat says

    Calm down buddies form S’pore, it’s just a scenarios, a imaginary one, no one would like to be a victim of the wars where both of us at the end will be a victim of our own lust for self destruction..

    blood and tears is not worth for us after hardship developing this country for more than 50 years..

    till then,cheers!

  43. Anonymous says

    Studies by a british military expert have shown that with Singapore’s military capability, they could take down the whole of malaysia in 2 hours. Like it or not. Obviously going to war is never on any Singaporean’s mind because ultimately we have much much more to lose given the wealth and strength of Singapore, as compared to the very jealous neighbors up north.

  44. Xiong says

    As a Singaporean, and one who has also served in the military (and still serving, we have to return for a few times each year till we reach a certain age), I would like to signal a continual error in the above article.

    The Singapore Armed Forces is never a confrontational force. Its main duty is to defend the country from foreign oppressors.

    When the terrible tsunami hit Ache, the SAF was the one of the first to respond. We brought no weapons for the Operation, except our help and aid.

    There are no real winners in war and with that I wish for continual peace between Malaysia and Singapore.

  45. Desert_crane says

    Neither the malaysian commanders nor singaporean commanders intellectual ability has been determined but political and diplomatic ability is proven on the singaporean side, i think most people will agree. To be victor in a war, it doesnt matters with/without the assist from the third party. The bottomline is Winning it.Pride cant be used as an arm to win a battle. History has shown us and proven.

  46. Bandicruz says

    Well, nice scenario…BTW, I personally think that S’pore without US support is hardly to win in the conflict with M’sia nor even Malaysia. But I still do believe with the some degree of high confidence that Singapore will suffer greatly if the war really happens. Full asset doesn’t mean everything. Malaysia is not like Arab countries. To win in any battlefield there are a lot of things need to be considered. Tactic and skill still becomes the the most and top priority. Full asset in inventory will not be an absolute guarantee. After all, S’pore is not really big country.


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